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REVOLADE complements, rather than competes with, endogenous thrombopoietin (TPO)1,2

  • REVOLADE uniquely binds to the transmembrane domain of TPO receptors, while endogenous TPO binds to the extracellular domain1,2
    • By not competing with endogenous TPO, REVOLADE can work together with endogenous TPO to promote platelet production2
  • As a small molecule, REVOLADE enters the bone marrow more effectively than endogenous TPO2,3

EPO, erythropoietin; G-CSF, granulocyte colony-stimulating factor.

REVOLADE may improve the function of CD4+ regulatory T cells (Tregs)9,11

  • REVOLADE may improve Tregs activity and reduce effector T helper functions9,11
  • This immunomodulatory activity may restore immune tolerance in ITP9-11

REVOLADE may help restore the natural balance of FΓ receptors (FcγR) that link antibody-mediated immunity and phagocytic activity9

  • REVOLADE may downregulate activating FcγRI and upregulate inhibitory FcγRIIb9
  • This rebalancing activity may reduce the platelet-targeted phagocytic activity of monocytes in ITP9,10


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