For Health Care Professionals Outside the US

In adult patients with relapsed/refractory SAA

REVOLADE Monotherapy
Provides a Multilineage Response

The majority of patients achieved a multilineage response with REVOLADE monotherapy1

  • Multilineage response is defined as a significant increase in platelet count, red blood cell count, and neutrophil count

*Three of the 17 eligible patients did not enter the extension phase.1

  • Response in this study was defined as haematologic response—assessed after 12 weeks of treatment—defined as meeting one or more of the following criteria1:
    • Platelet count increases to 20 × 109/L above baseline or stable platelet counts with transfusion independence for a minimum of 8 weeks
    • Haemoglobin increase of ≥1.5 g/dL for patients with pretreatment HgB <9 g/dL or a reduction of ≥4 units of red blood cell transfusions for 8 consecutive weeks
    • Absolute neutrophil count increase of 100% or an increase by >0.5 x 109/L

Response with REVOLADE monotherapy enabled patients to remain transfusion-free for approximately 9 months1


1. REVOLADE Summary of Product Characteristics. February 2019.